Hello! You’re probably wondering what this is and why your child is here! Here’s some Frequently asked questions:

What’s Club Penguin?

Club Penguin is a virtual game played by millions of people all over the world! You get to make new friends, play games, have fun, and much more!

Is there any inappropriate context such as drugs, alcohol, sex, or bad words? 

In Club Penguin, there is none, because it is automatically found and then the user gets banned! Plus, there are 100+ moderators on Club Penguin! Only about five of them are known, the others are moderating secretly to keep the island even more safe! On this blog, we will not post anything like that! This is perfectly safe! If this blog gets hacked, we will surely get it back, and delete all bad context!

Is my child safe?

Of Course! He/She is perfectly safe! All comments needs to be checked by staff before it’s releases to the pubic!

Is there any hacking/cheating?

Of course not! People call it Club Penguin cheats, but they don’t mean it like cheating in a game! This blogs provides tips/strategies/guides! There is no hacking or cheating!

If you have any other questions or anything like that, feel free to use the form below! You will get a reply to your email within the next 48 hours! Thanks! Form:


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