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Hey Penguins! Like some other blogs, I’m hosting an Ask Spike Hike! Just leave a comment with a question to ask Spike Hike! I will then DM him the questions you send, and he will answer and I will post them here! I’ll send him 5 questions at a time! Check back everyday to see if Spike answered your question!

Questions & Answers:

Tweety (@TweesTweets):

Why did you pick the name Spike Hike?

Spike Hike:

My son picked it. We played together for years. Sometimes he still plays but he’s older now so its mostly me. Its been so awesome being the “owner” of CP with a kid as my alter ego!

รкเקקєгッ ():

How Long do you think it will take to get the graphics for penguins that you have in my penguin into the real game.

Spike Hike:

It will take a little while to get the 3D penguin into the web game but we are working on it.


Spike do you have any hints of the the last 3 parties for 2013?

Spike Hike:

Last 3 parties of 2013? Monsters. Lost in the wilderness. Christmas!


Is it easy to make a club penguin party

Spike Hike:

No its not easy at all! We goal ourselves at making each party more epic from the last! We learn something every time and we try to make each party better! The team does each party in only 3-4 weeks so its fast and there is a lot that has to happen. Its amazing to me that we always ship ON TIME and each one is GREAT!! So hard to do but the team is so awesome at it!


Spike, what did make you like Club Penguin and why?

Spike Hike:

I loved Lane’s vision for an online community for kids that’s safe. As a father myself, I wanted that for my kids too. And I love the quirky style of CP! It’s not about being cool it’s about being yourself!


What do you do for work at club penguin spike?

Spike Hike:

My biggest job is to make sure we have a fun environment where our people can create and to make sure we put kids first! If you get the values and environment right the rest takes care of itself!


How do you get famouse on cp

Spike Hike:

Don’t worry about being famous, just be yourself. People will like you for being you because being you is the most awesome thing you can be!

Chalechale ():

Spike Can you add friends on CP Because a month a go you add one friend!

Spike Hike:

My friends list is full. I wish I could add more friends! 😦 One day we will fix that.


You can add people to your penguin? If no Why?

Spike Hike:

My friends list is full. I wish I could add more friends! 😦 One day we will fix that.

Waddle On Penguins! -Srijanrocks2




52 thoughts on “Ask Spike Hike!

  1. Are there any classic CP parties left for the party in November? Also, if you want too, when is the new treasure book coming out and do you really need to buy a special membership card to access it?

  2. Hi Spike! I have a few questions!

    1. How do you feel about the LEGO CP projects?
    2. Can you give us a hint of what you are planning for it?
    3. What is your favorite LEGO theme, past or present?

  3. Following up my 2050 question. Other than the mobile world, what would you imagine CP online version to be like in 2050? What things do you imagine we will be able to do/have by then?

    ~Perapin 😉

  4. Is there going to be an 8th Anniversary Party this year? If so, what will the party hat colors be? I recently saw a video with a penguin wearing a red and yellow party hat, so could those be the colors coming to this year’s party hat?


    Could you let us know one of the monsters besides the ghost, that we can transform into in this year’s Halloween Party?

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