ALL Of The New My Penguin Updates!

Hey Penguins! I know all the new features in the My Penguin Update 1.2! I got all this information from Spike Hike, CP Radio, and the Club Penguin Blog! Here’s the new My Penguin app icon:

There will also be 1 new game! It is called Jetpack Boost! Here’s a picture:

Speaking about games, there will be also be a new and better version of Coffee Bean added to the app!

Embedded image permalink

You will also be able to edit your igloo & visit other people’s igloo. If you’re in a igloo, all the graphics will be in 3D! A NEW LOOK!

Embedded image permalink

*Also, there may be a new catalog with new exclusives

Don’t forget that with the 3D igloos, you can visit your friends’ igloos!

There will also be a cool map for games!

All of this comes out Thursday, August 29th, 2013!

Awesome and great new updates!

Waddle On Penguins!



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