SCPC’S Annual Gear It Up!

Hey Penguins! I have made something called “Gear It Up!” Every month, somewhere in the month, I host something called “Gear It Up”! In Gear It Up, I add more features to! It starts from whenever I start it, until the end of the month! This first Gear It Up will have a BUNCH of updates! I just added a Users Online widget so you know who’s online RIGHT NOW! I’m planning to add a forum, an account system (you’ll see what that’s for some other time), and way more! I don’t think ALL of these things will be completed in this month’s Gear It up, but I will certainly work on them! Another AWESOME thing I’m “Gearing Up” is the give aways! There will be a BUNCH more! To celebrate, I might have a 12 month membership, a treasure book code, and a magazine code giveaway! Comment and tell me what give aways you want, and other things you want! Gear It Up starts… NOW!


I can’t wait! 😀

Waddle On Penguins!




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