SCPC Lightsaber Dueling Contest!

Hey Penguins! I decided to have a Lightsaber Dueling Contest! (Idea from @Coolpool79 on Twitter) It’s called the SCPC Lightsaber Dueling Contest. There will only be 20 spots! You will have 6 duels with someone, the first person that wins 3 times is the winner of that match, and the other person is terminated! If it’s a tie, then each person gets a point. If they both have 3 due to a lot of ties, they will keep battling until one person has the most wins. I will post the dueling times, who’s dueling that day, etc…. I will work out the dueling times on Twitter. If you do not have a Twitter account, make sure you make one and you have to  follow @SCPCBlog to enter! Follow @SCPCBlog for the latest news, lightsaber battles, & more! Join now! Fill out this form to join:

All members:

  • IlanBlue2 – @IlanBlue2
  • Puffle Pal26 – @GreenNinjaCP

There are currently 2/20 penguins signed up!

Waddle On Penguins!



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