CP Theories!

Hey Penguins! Here’s a bunch of theories I randomly came up with (2 has a LOT of theories but it ties up in to one thing and also here’s the key: Yellow= Rooms Moving/Moved/Will Move | Red= Room | Blue = Path | Green = New Room):

1. The Dojo/Iceberg changed because littler people started to play it and it could’ve been hard for them (opinion by Disney).

Old Map:

New Map:

2. The Mine have many more rooms/paths than 2.

The Reason I think there’s a pathway to the Dojo/Tallest mountain because it has the same habitat as the dojo and looks like a mountain! The path leads directly above the mine, which the dojo is not, unless it curves or there is a fun adventure to get to the dojo and there could be more rooms then of course they would have to have a new map (and there would be many ways to curve it but I’ll show you one).

Or, the Mine could move/expand and have the dojo right above it.

Or. the Dojo could move and the mine would be directly above it.

Or, the dojo and the mine could move/expand.

But, it could also be the tallest mountain because the mine is directly under a mountain.

Or, it could curve and lead the the tallest mountain on the map with the green things on the side.

Or, a new mountain room can come right above the mine.

3. New Lake Room. I think there will be a new lake room because there is a clear pathway from the town to the lake next to the igloos!


Well, that’s all the theories!


Do you think they’re true!?!? They might be!


Waddle On Penguins!



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