CP Membership Trial Winner [Free Membership]

Hey Penguins! Remember when I posted about Club Penguin now hosting raffles for a 7 day membership trial for new penguins!?!? Well the winner has been chosen! Now to start a whole new raffle! The winner is @Luckyboy7777CP! Congrats! (Btw @Luckyboy7777CP gave the pic of him winning!) UPDATE: I HAVE WON THE 2ND ONE

This is how to sign up for a trial:

1. Create a New Penguin

2. Activate the penguin.

3. Choose Standard or Ultimate Safe Chat, and then below it you see where you can choose to enter a raffle for a 7 day membership, check the box!

4. Activate your account and play! And if it didn’t tell you won by the next 30 days, then you have lost! But, if you won, there should be something that looks like this when you login:

5. Click start trial and use your 7 days of membership very well! 🙂

Waddle On Penguins!



5 thoughts on “CP Membership Trial Winner [Free Membership]

  1. son of a butt they don’t give for players who are allready penguins I hate you CP team!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ):

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