Club Penguin Card-Jitsu Newspaper

This week’s Club Penguin Times is here now. Have a look. Master Card-Jitsu Snow! Ninjas, come on! The Dojo needs you to restore the balance of the elements. When you go ahead to the mountains, you’ll meet the Snow Minions. Be careful. They have a great capacity for controlling the snow. But if Fire, Water and Snow work together, we can defeat them. Now go to the Snow Dojo for the battle.

Visit the New Dojo To Master Snow Some days ago, Sensei’s students worked together to clear snow, because the abrupt avalanche cause tremendous damage. After clearing, a new Dojo showed up. In the new training room, all element are in symmetry. And ninjas’ task is to restore element balance. The battle between ninjas and Snow Minions has begun. In addition, a Ninjas thought the snow villains is doing someone’s bidding.

June’s Penguin Style will come out on June 6. Remember to check it out. Club Penguin will publish the new Postcards on the same day. Send card to your friends. Next month’s Furniture Catalog will appear on June 13. On June 6, there will be new play at the Stage. It’s Underwater Adventure.



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