We’re back!

Alright, so we’re back! We will only post some things about cp, not everything because you can explore for yourself or check other blogs.

Kermit the Frog is visiting club penguin! Here’s the info:

Some pics of what Kermit looks like



Here’s a picture of his player card


Here is a picture of his background on a player


Next is how to get a Constantine background
1. Go to town.
2. Go to the museum.
3.Click on all the jewels and you will get it!

Lastly, the pin is at the Coffee Shop


We will be tracking Kermit on our tracker!




Hey Penguins! I am deciding to close this blog FOR RIGHT NOW! I am going to improve this site, and after I re-open SCPC, there will be a giveaway and there might be weekly/monthly giveaways! Maybe even both! Weekly giveaways=small codes (like castle pins and stuff), monthly giveaways=memberships. Are you ready!?!! More fun is coming, games, apps, giveaways, raffles…! And, SCPC Points will have a big change! New sign ups, new prizes, more prizes, and of course all the points and the users that are registered shall stay! If you’re planning to register, do NOT register now or you will not be registered. Please wait until the grand re-opening! So, on Sunday November 24th, 2013 on 2:00 P.M. PST, this site will close down and re open once all updates are finished. I will invite SOME users to visit so some users may test AND will have a 45% better chance of winning the grand re-opening giveaway! The users will be picked on Sunday, November 24th 2013 1:00 P.M. PST! Enter in the comments! Just reply with your username (NOT YOUR EMAIL) AND your Twitter account (must have one) saying you want to test! Hope you may test!

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Gold Digging Tips!

Hey Penguins! Want your gold puffle to dig up gold items? Here’s a few tips:

1. Stay idle for 2-5 minutes, then walk around and you can get some gold items or coins.

This usually works, it doesn’t work ALL the time.

2. Care for your puffle until it has full bars (feed it, give it a bath, etc…)

Then just walk around.

If this works, it’s a really good tactic, right now I got 2 gold items in a row from that!

This sometimes works.

Here’s all the Gold Items you may get:


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Hey Penguins! On clubpenguinmemories.com, Trainman1405 confirmed something called “CPNext.” I will quote the post, and of course I will try to get more information. Anyways, here’s the post:

For those of you who read my interview with Spike Hike from last week you’ll remember him revealing Club Penguin will be removing servers in lieu of their new internal technology called CPNext. While many are excited for this to hit Club Penguin, many were worried about how they would meet up with friends if there’s no specific server you can log on to. I asked Spike Hike to clarify this and he cleared thing up!When CPNext is released you will no longer be able to log on to a specific server such as Sleet or Fog. You log on to the game and you connect to an imaginary server where other random penguins are also logged on with you. So how do you meet up with a friend? You can’t say “let’s log on to Sleet to look for fake betas” anymore. Instead something similar to server jumping will be released along with CPNext. It’s called Friend Jumping and it sounds exactly like it does. Instead of jumping to another server like server jumping would have enabled you to do, you just teleport to your friend, wherever they are. If you’re on imaginary server 1 and your friend Bob23 is on imaginary server 5, you’d probably do something such as open your buddy list, click on Bob23, then click the jump button. It will then take you to imaginary server 5. Remember, I say imaginary because technically servers won’t exist anymore. I am not too sure how well this will work for meetups such as Spike Saturday or if I have a meetup since many penguins are not Spike Hike’s friend or my friend due to full lists, however that doesn’t necessarily mean you will be unable to meet up.

Let me make an example. Let’s say Spike Hike is holding Spike Saturday on Club Penguin. Since there’s no servers you can’t meet up on Fog, so what do you do? You need to either be his friend or friends with someone who is. I’ll write it out with imaginary servers in my example again. Hopefully it makes sense!

  1. Spike Hike is on imaginary server 7. Anyone who is his buddy can jump to him for Spike Saturday.
  2. Bob23 is friends with Spike Hike. He jumps to him. If you’re friends with Bob23 you can jump to where Bob23 is and as a result you will be able to hang out with Spike Hike too, because that’s where Bob23.
  3. Bob26 is friends with Bob25 who is friends with Bob24 who is friends with Bob23. If Bob23 is at Spike Saturday, Bob24 can jump to Bob23. If Bob24 jumped to Bob23 to be with Spike Hike, then Bob25 can jump to Bob24 to be with Spike Hike. The same goes with Bob26. If Bob25 jumped to Bob24 because Bob24 had jumped to be with Bob23 to be with Spike Hike, then Bob26 will be able to go too. It’s slightly confusing but as long as you’re friends with Spike Hike yourself or have a friend of a friend (or a friend of a friend of a friend of a friend and so on) you can jump to them to be with Spike Hike as long as they’re all online with Spike. It’s a chain reaction.

Also, if you jump to Jamie54 who is on imaginary server 7 and you’re in the Town but decide to move to the Snow Forts, you will still be grouped together when switching rooms. Just because the server is imaginary and nonexistent does not mean you’ll be split up. CPNext is coded so you stay with your friends. Either way, if you get separated you can still jump to your friend!

Rooms can still get full. If the room is full the CPNext technology will just put you in another version of the room with other penguins. The other version of the room will look the same, it’s just on another one of those imaginary servers and of course won’t be full.

Spike Hike did also mention the team has a backup plan in case this does not work well. I do not know what it is, nor do I know when CPNext will be rolled out. I also inquired about mascots, since without servers the team can’t say on the blog “Log on to the server Abominable to meet Rookie” because the server Abominable won’t exist anymore. Instead mascots will be made public so most likely anyone can jump to them.

A huge thank you to Spike Hike for clearing this up! Hopefully it makes sense. If you have any other questions or concerns let me know and I’ll see what I can find out!

UPDATE: Here is more information from Spike Hike. He said the following in the comments below explaining why CPNext is a good and important change. It sounds awesome. Here’s what he said:

There are a lot of benefits –

1) We can better cluster the community together so the CP world doesn’t feel so empty. There may be places where the audience wants it to feel more empty and we can adjust that, but in general, the CP world will feel more alive more of the time.

2) Its way more efficient on the server side. Not necessarily a benefit you will see but way easier to manage for us which means we can spend more time on content instead of server maintenance.

3) We will be able to group people over time based on things we know about them. We would like to find ways, for example, to group you with your friends automatically without even having to teleport but we could group based on other things too.

4) We can serve you different versions of CP rooms based on the “mode” you are in. Imagine Operation Hot Sauce style missions that happen in the CP world. We can make those permanently available down the road. But the trick to those missions is that they are social. You want to be in the room with other agents. But people who are not in mission mode want to be in the regular version of the room. No problem. We can group you with other agents and give everyone else the regular room. That’s just one example but there is a lot we can do here.

5) We could – theoretically so I am NOT announcing this here, its just an example – let you take over your own version of any room in CP and throw a party in it. You might also be able to decorate that room with your iggy items. Your friends could access that special party version of the room while everyone else gets the normal one.

6) We can make the CP world infinitely large. Imagine that as you play CP, you discover more rooms that you can go to and they unlock on the map. So for noobs the experience is really simple, but for rares the world is really big so you never get bored and there’s always something new to explore. The problem with this in “Classic CP” is that we can’t add more rooms anymore because they are always empty. Spreading out the audience more across empty rooms doesn’t help the community, it hurts it. Now we can have more rooms and more to do but group people in ways that keeps the community together – across space and time in the game.

7) We won’t have to take the world down to launch parties and A LOT fewer overall bugs.

8) In the future we will be able to distribute these server rooms around the world so we can put the servers close to our users in each country and make the overall performance a lot faster. Today everyone is playing out of Las Vegas, so people in the US get a fast connection while kids in other countries get a slower one. We want the whole world to be really fast!

Excited now?

Don’t worry, we will be listening, tweaking, and solving all these concerns. Trust me, this is a far, far better technology to take CP into the future.

Also servers on web will be around for a while – at least a year. So we have a lot of time to get this right and IF we need to we can do something like today’s servers using the CPNext technology for players who want that. So you can keep playing the way you want to on the web and we will evolve. Trust us, we know we need to get this right.

Anyways, this will be cool!

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Help Wanted!

Hey Penguins! I need help here, that’s right, help! Not with the posting, not permanent, but temporary help! It’s not with any posting, it’s with coding. If you help and do good, you may be permanent! Here are the things I need help with, by the way, you may get payed:

1.An app. If anyone can make an app, maybe with just a few simple things like the blog and more simple stuff.
 2.A game. A game would be awesome! Just a mini game would be great!
 3.A comedy show. Maybe something like #WaddleOn!
 4.Forums. Maybe we could have some forums to discuss Club Penguin discussion.(Connected with 5)

5.Chatting system. We could have a chatting system like Twitter (but a lot simpler) to keep in touch and discuss stuff about Club Penguin!(Connected with 4)


Well, if you can do ANY of these things, tell me on Twitter, my username is @PikachuLevelEX!

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Operation: Puffle DETAILS FOUND OUT!

Hey Penguins! I found out what we’re going to do for Operation Puffle! First of all, Herbert has collapsed the mine cave and left tracks at the boiler room. Herbert collapsed because of the gold nuggets/gold O Berry’s there! In operation puffle, I’m guessing we’re going to have to dig out all the rocks blocking the cave mine with a new jackhammer or a normal jackhammer, and then collect all the O Berry’s/gold nuggets and MAYBE stop Herbert. There will probably be more to it… but I’m guessing all of this. This isn’t confirmed. What do you think?

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Operation Puffle: Lost In the Wilderness! (EXCLUSIVE!)

Hey Penguins! As you might have heard, the November party will be Operation Puffle.  I have more information on that! It probably will be something that includes the wilderness and the golden puffle! How do I know? Well, that’s easy! Almost every picture about Operation Puffle, there was some sort of goldish-yellow puffle. Since there already is a yellow puffle, it must mean the golden one! And, remember when we were doing #ASKSpike and we got some exclusive proof about the rest of the parties? Here’s a picture:


Since Monsters was Halloween, and we know Christmas is the Christmas party, that leaves “Lost in the Wilderness” for Operation Puffle!

Hmm… what do you think?

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Exclusive Proof, Glitches, & Events!

Hey Penguins! I’ve decided to make this blog’s HOMEPAGE about exclusive proof, glitches, and events only. The other stuff will stay, I’ll still be tracking and stuff, but  on the homepage, I won’t be posting updates like the new newspaper and stuff. There are many other blogs which will provide updates. I mean, you can look on cp yourself you don’t need pictures when you’re 3 clicks away from experiencing it! Anyways, if you scroll down almost every post is exclusive proof or a glitch. Sometimes an event. An event is like Ask Spike Hike!So from now on, this blog will only provide you the things NO BLOG has ever posted about, with proof. Giveaways will of course still live on in this blog.

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Ask Spike Hike!


Hey Penguins! Like some other blogs, I’m hosting an Ask Spike Hike! Just leave a comment with a question to ask Spike Hike! I will then DM him the questions you send, and he will answer and I will post them here! I’ll send him 5 questions at a time! Check back everyday to see if Spike answered your question!

Questions & Answers:

Tweety (@TweesTweets):

Why did you pick the name Spike Hike?

Spike Hike:

My son picked it. We played together for years. Sometimes he still plays but he’s older now so its mostly me. Its been so awesome being the “owner” of CP with a kid as my alter ego!

รкเקקєгッ ():

How Long do you think it will take to get the graphics for penguins that you have in my penguin into the real game.

Spike Hike:

It will take a little while to get the 3D penguin into the web game but we are working on it.


Spike do you have any hints of the the last 3 parties for 2013?

Spike Hike:

Last 3 parties of 2013? Monsters. Lost in the wilderness. Christmas!


Is it easy to make a club penguin party

Spike Hike:

No its not easy at all! We goal ourselves at making each party more epic from the last! We learn something every time and we try to make each party better! The team does each party in only 3-4 weeks so its fast and there is a lot that has to happen. Its amazing to me that we always ship ON TIME and each one is GREAT!! So hard to do but the team is so awesome at it!


Spike, what did make you like Club Penguin and why?

Spike Hike:

I loved Lane’s vision for an online community for kids that’s safe. As a father myself, I wanted that for my kids too. And I love the quirky style of CP! It’s not about being cool it’s about being yourself!


What do you do for work at club penguin spike?

Spike Hike:

My biggest job is to make sure we have a fun environment where our people can create and to make sure we put kids first! If you get the values and environment right the rest takes care of itself!


How do you get famouse on cp

Spike Hike:

Don’t worry about being famous, just be yourself. People will like you for being you because being you is the most awesome thing you can be!

Chalechale ():

Spike Can you add friends on CP Because a month a go you add one friend!

Spike Hike:

My friends list is full. I wish I could add more friends! 😦 One day we will fix that.


You can add people to your penguin? If no Why?

Spike Hike:

My friends list is full. I wish I could add more friends! 😦 One day we will fix that.

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New Room Coming Soon!!

Hey Penguins! In the Dojo Courtyard, there is no stairs leading behind the dojo, but in the .SWF, there is. That means they will soon update Club Penguin with the stairs and maybe leading to a new room! (Credit to Draggyness) Here’s the pictures:

In Cp


See that!?!?! I wonder what  room it will be! MAKE SURE TO GIVE CREDIT IF YOU USE IT!

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New Treasure Book Makes Coin Codes USELESS!

Hey Penguins! I have proof that a new treasure book comes in a few weeks, but it is practically useless to do the fact that you can only unlock the items with a special membership card! I think instead having a CERTAIN item on a membership card like a jetpack, it will be like an item that you can CHOOSE! That’s why they stopped selling coin codes! Here’s a picture:

Hmm…. I don’t know if this is good or bad!

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New Igloos Coming Soon!

Hey Penguins! I found some leaked pictures of new igloos coming soon! I wouldn’t be surprised if they were released today or tomorrow! Maybe it might release in My Penguin! Here’s pictures of the igloos:


Awesome! I think I might get these igloos! 😀

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